Mertygo is an innovative device holder which is wall mounted, keeping your device where you need or want it – hands free.


The Mertygo can be mounted anywhere in your home and boasts an interchangeable wall mount, allowing you to attach your device to any Mertygo wall mount in seconds.






Produced using high-quality aluminum, Mertygo device holders are all bead blasted before being anodized in the selected color. The surface blasting coupled with the anodized finish makes for a tough, stylish and premium feel.

This premium finish creates a non-scratch surface, adding to

the durability of Mertygo.

For all Smartphones and Tablets 


The device pad which holds your smartphone or tablet is universal, for any size phone or tablet. It is also slanted to the right angle, making for a good hold on your device.

You can stand your device upright or lay it on its side according to your preference.

Your Device holder pad can stand upright on a flat surface as well. So, even on your desk or kitchen counter, Mertygo will keep your device safe and hands free.


Fidlock Swivel Connector

Keeping your device pad connected to the Mertygo wall mount is a Fidlock magnetic connector.

The magnetic connector allows you to swivel the device pad left or right freely according to where you want it.

Fidlock is one of the best magnetic connector producers in the world.

We use Fidlock connectors to attach our device holder pads to the wall mounts because they are simply the best quality.

Different Colors & Styles


Mertygo has multiple color options for their anodizing including different styles of magnetic inlays that can easily be changed to mix up the style a bit. The inlays consist of various colors, materials, and textures.

This feature adds to the aspect of being able to further customize the Mertygo to suit your personal taste and truly make it a part of your home.



3M VHB Wall Mount


The Mertygo wall mount is made out of the same high-quality aluminum and is finished off in the same way as the device pad.

We opted for a 3M VHB (Very Highly Bondage) pad which means you do not need any screws in the wall.



You can get a Mertygo wall mount for every room in the house – Simply detach your device holder pad and attach it to a different wall mount is seconds.